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The people of the wine crossroads.

People, are the soul of the winery.
Their experience, ideas and hard work have given and still give shape to our work.

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Protagonist on the aigialeian scene, he was the one to draw attention to this extraordinary viticulture zone.

Angelos Rouvalis is the founder of the winery. Born in 1952 a son of a viticulturist he studied oenology, at Bordeaux.

In 1982, he becomes the first oenologist that changed the status of the island Santorini. That was… from an oenological point of view. Working in the viticulturist cooperative of the island, he bottled the first white dry wine PDO of Santorini. He also brought the long forgotten Vinsanto back in existence.

Angelos Rouvalis founded the winery on the Aigialeian slopes in 1990, when he first realised the great potential of the area and the old greek variety Roditis. From this indigenous variety, the mountainous Roditis, came Asprolithi, a wine that symbolises the rebirth of Greek wine.

His extensive knowledge on the greek wine and the great vision he had about its future, led him to become President of the Greek Wine Federation. This lasted for 7 consecutive years (1998-2014). It was during these years that the Strategic Marketing Plan for the Greek wine was established and the Greek wine acquired a competitive position within the global market. Angelos Rouvalis also organised the first viticulturist conference in 2012.

Last but not least, Angelos Rouvalis established Oinoxenia. It is a great feast that promotes wine as a principal product of Aigialeia as well as a top level culinary experience and quality tourism.

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With her international experience and profound love and knowledge about wine and the Slopes of Aigialeia, she ignites a new sparkle of life in the winery!

Theodora Rouvalis is the daughter of Angelos and she is the second generation in the family business.
Her passion for wine and different cultures, led her to acquire great experience in the field of oenology, working at very important viticulture zones internationally. She studied oenology in Athens, continued her studies in Valencia, Spain (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia) and in France, where she made postgraduate studies in Viticulture and Terroir at the University of Burgundy.

She had the luck to work with important figures in the international wine scenery and in important wineries of worldwide fame:

  • Clos de Tart, Grand Cru Monopole, Burgundy, France
  • Château Margaux, 1o Grand Cru Classe, Bordeaux, France
  • Domaine Muré – Clos St Landelin, Grand Cru Vorbourg,  Alsace, France
  • Villa Maria (Auckland), New Zealand
  • Gandolini (Maipo Valley) & Ventolera (Leyda Valley), Chile
  • The Mercouri Estate, Greece.
Equipped with all this experience, she came back to Aigialeia in 2016. Utilising her international knowledge and emphasising on the terroir of this zone she is determined to continue the tradition and bring a fresh breath to the family winery and the vineyard.


A researcher of wine comes to unlock the secrets of the Aigialeian terroir.

Αntonio Ruiz Pañego was born and raised in Valencia, Spain. There, he studied agriculture and oenology at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.

After concluding his studies he worked for the winery Caliterra (Colchagua Valley) in Chile and the Villa Maria Estate in New Zealand. Soon after, he became passionate about the french culture around wine, so he moved to Burgundy and started working at Domaine Frederic Magnien (Morey-St-Denis) producing some of the best Grand Cru of Burgundy. Living for 3 years with Frederic as his teacher and his mentor, Antonio was initiated into the principles of organic and biodynamic viticulure at one of the most innovative wineries of the region.

But the paths of those “flying oenologists”, that fly around the world and gain experience, can be crossed very easily. So Antonio met Theodora and fell for Aigialeia. He instantly fell in love with the beauties of this world and the potential of the area.
He felt it calling him almost like an invitation. So he left Burgundy and decided to stay in Aigialeia ever since 2016. In the winery he has undertaken the mission of vinification and production of wines.
His goal is to express the unique and distinctive character of the terroir with as less intervention as possible.

rouvalis winery antonio ruiz