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Earth’s power is the beginning of life!

Τhe authentic white, that turns ordinary moments to celebration.

Τhis wine is a “must have” on the table of every Greek family. It is the predominant wine in the “Greek cuisine” and in Mediterranean diet. Classic and multi-awarded, it proved itself to be a game changer οn the Greek wine scene when it first entered the market, in 1990.
Asprolithi is a timeless value in the Greek wine reality and it constitutes the best expression of a particular local variety of top quality, Roditis, that grows on the mountainous slopes of Aigialeia.
Additionally it has earned worldwide praise, an excellent reputation within the wine connoisseur circles and the love of Greek audiences since it is the perfect wine to accompany their meals appealing to their gastronomic culture and offering the best option in terms of quality to value.
Konstantinos Lazarakis MW “Perhaps, the epitome of Greek Wine”


… the different Mavrodaphne!

The original variety of Achaia reveals our passion, our truth!

This is the dry version of Mavrodaphne grape that encloses all of its strong personality. Tsigello is the name of the top-quality clone of this variety. Tsigello has always been growing in our region. Its upbringing in the handmade clay amphoras and the French oak barrels offers, a wine with clear distinctive aromas and a good tannin evolution.

Mitos of Ariadne

The revelation of Aigialeia’s Vineyards

mitos schema

A wine, symbol of a new era that begins in our winery. It is the thread that connects its past with its future.

The series consists of fine white wines of Aigialeia that are based on the celebrated indigenous Greek varieties of Roditis, Assyrtiko and Malagousia. It is the Mitos, the thread that helps us discover the extent of these varieties and the full potential of the vineyards of slopes of Aigialeia. It is also the thread that connects the first and the second generation of our winery, leading it to the dawn of a new era.
The thread of Ariadni showed the way to Theseus and helped him get out of the labyrinth.
Τhis thread symbolically connects our traditions and leads our wine towards the future.

Mikros Vorias

The little northern breeze of Fareast

The ultimate expression of international varieties, from our distinct terroir!

This is a series of wines with fresh fruity flavour. These wines belong to world known varieties as they are being expressed in the unique Aigialeian terroir. They owe a lot of their distinctive characteristics to the cool northern winds that blow on the Aigialeian slopes, called “meltemia” or “mikros vorias”; that also gave their name to this series. Forged by the northern winds of Aigialeia, you can feel their clear breath in the wine‘s taste. Flavour that brings joy to the soul!

IANOS vintage wines

Time is the secret!

It is one of our top vintage wine series, crafted in order to depict our values. Ianos is a mythical creature, a god with exceptional perceptiveness that could see simultaneously in both, past and future. He is the master of time and time is the essence for us. This is exactly what a quality wine needs to be produced: knowledge of the past but also a vision for the future. This is the secret that leads to an ultimate gastronomic experience.