Ianos Cava


Ianos Cava


A selection of some of the greatest barrels in our collection helped to create this magnificent outcome. This wine endures a long aging process and brings out a distinctively aromatic profile. The character of Cabernet Sauvignon evolves harmoniously and melanges with the aromas of aging in oak barrels. Its strong tannins offer this wine a balanced structure that promotes its aging potential while the sweet tannins of Syrah augment its volume.

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The vineyards are placed in the region of Araxova and Greka on the foothills of Panahaiko Mountain on an altitude of 750m. The soils consist of sand, chalk and clay on geological background of sandstone with conglomerates and siltstone layers. Their yields are no more than 70hl/ha.

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It matches well with strong flavourd but balanced dishes: red meat, wild game, yellow cheese and fine red sauces.

Serving Temperature

16° – 18°C (60°-64°F)

Aging Potential

10-15 years

Awards and Recognition

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