Ianos Syrah


Ianos Syrah


This Syrah with an intensively aromatic character dominated by aromas of red flowers like violet, black pepper and other spices as well as vanilla, is distinguished by its rich body that leaves a sense of completeness in the mouth. Its velvet tannins guarantee the longevity of this wine and promise pleasure beyond measure.

mavro-piperi ianos syrah
dried fruits ianos syrah
mosxokarido ianos ayrah
tabaco ianos syrah

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The vineyards are found in the region of Trapeza on an altitude of 840m. Its soil is low in PH and consists of sand, chalk and clay on a geological background of conglomerates and sand. Their yields are no more than 70hl/ha.

mavro piperi ianos syrah


It is ideal with meat and red sauce pasta, game bird dishes and yellow cheese.

Serving Temperature

16° – 18°C (60°-64°F)

Aging Potential

10-15 years

Awards and Recognition

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