Mikros Vorias Rosé


Mikros Vorias Rosé

A powerful blend of Syrah and Viognier! This fruity rose wine, with the colour of ruby and the acute aromatic character, bares the sent of little red fruits, violet and viola odorata as well as the “white aromas” of green apple and red grapefruit. It has a rich body and leaves a wonderful fresh finish.

kerasi mikros vorias roze
visino mikros vorias roze
violeta mikros vorias roze

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These varieties thrive in the vineyards of Pyrgaki and Trapeza region in an altitude of 840m. The soil is limestone with acid PH on a geological background of cohesive conglomerates with sand. The yields are no more than 70hl/ha.

mikros vorias roze zymarika


It is a pleasant aperitif that also goes perfectly with most of mediterranean dishes greek (stews, chicken etc) as well as italian (red sauce pastas and pizza). It also brings out a special character when paired with soups and steam cooked meals.

Serving Temperature

12° – 14°C (53°-57°F)

Aging Potential

2 years

Awards and Recognition