Tsigello is called the original grape expression of the Mavrodaphne variety. Here we meet it in its dry version, with a frisky violet colour and an intensively aromatic profile. Its aromas evolve in time and bring out notes of red fruits, laurel, vanilla and local greek herbs. It is a fresh non filtered wine whose well processed tannins occurred from a brief passage from hand-turned clay amphorae while its balanced structure comes from its passage from oak barrels.

dafni tsigello
kerasi tsigello
vanillia tsigello
livani tsigello

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The grapes come from one specific vineyard on the aigialeian slopes, on an altitude of 650m. These slopes are tilted and look towards the north. Their soil is mostly sand and clay on a geologic background of cohesive conglomerates with sand. Their yields are 60hl/ha.

tsigello psito kreas


This wine goes particularly well with roast meat and birds game dishes. It also matches perfectly with modestly strong cheese, red sauce or spicy sauce pasta and dishes with aubergine. It accompanies harmoniously cold cuts and cheese platters.

Serving Temerature

14° – 16°C (60°-64°F)

Aging Potential

2-5 years

Awards and Recognition

92 points from Decanter for the first vintage of “Tsigello”