Natural air-conditioning

“From the point of view of soil and climate, the vineyard overlooking the Corinthian Gulf is one of the most beautiful in the world.”

Stavroula Kourakou-Dragona
Honorary President of the World Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV)

With the temperature falling at least 6 degrees lower than on the plains and the difference in rainfall at more than 350 mm, our mountain vineyards do not suffer from the restrictions imposed by high temperatures and the aridity of the Mediterranean summer. Behind the vineyards, four high mountains (Panachaiko 1926 m., Helmos 2355 m., Erymanthos 2224 m. and Kyllini 2374 m.) protect the vinicultural zone of Aigialeia from heatwaves, creating strong barriers against the hot southerlies which come up from the Mediterranean and Africa. At the same time, the north-north-eastern orientation of the slopes allows the Meltemia to cool the vineyards during the difficult hot summer months. Exposed to the beneficial north winds, the vines give fresh, fruity and cool wines, while the difference in the daytime and night-time temperature, due to the altitude, plays a decisive role in creating bouquets and malic acid, particularly in the white varieties.

Mountainous outcrops and exposure to the sea form an ideal natural air-conditioning system. Enjoying the sea breeze and the ‘downstream’ from the mountains, and thanks to the currents created by the difference in temperatures, with the cooler currents flowing close to the ground, our vineyards are protected in a natural way from disease, making organic cultivation possible.

In order to monitor and record all the climatic data of the vineyards, our winery has installed two meteorological stations in the vinicultural zone.

the Climate
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