The paths taken by the Aigialeia wine: a thrilling journey

A visit to our Winery

In our winery, in the heart of the vinicultural zone of Aigialeia, with a view of the town of Aigio and the Corinthian Gulf, you can explore the facilities and techniques of a model, high-quality wine-producing plant.

Tracing the journey from the fruit to the wine, the guided tour of the 6 levels of the gravity-flow winery offers an impressive overview of the winemaking process. The tour ends with wine tasting so that you can become acquainted with our wines.

The winery is open to visitors on weekdays from 9.00-16.00 and at weekends by appointment. Bookings can be made by phone on +30 26910 29415.

Aigialeia routes

From the beaches of the Corinthian Gulf to mountainous Kalavryta and from Aigeira and Akrata to Lampiri, nature and the history of Aigialeia promise unique routes.

Traversing the beautiful Vouraiko River gorge, an impressive and well-carved path (European path E4) ascends to Helmos between the plateau of Trapeza and Rouskio, revealing the unique geological formations of the mountain slopes. Lake Tsivlou, the Alyki biotope, the picturesque mountain villages of Zarouchla, Zachlorou, Plataniotissa and Fteri are well worth exploring, as is the Taxiarches Monastery outside Aigio, a monastery with a long history that has been open to visitors since 1450. The ski centre and the rack and pinion train that connects Kalavyrta with Diakofto, are tourist destinations of especial interest.

And finally the gastronomy of Aigialeia: the sun-dried black currant, the emblematic product of the region, fish from Corinth, organic olive oil and goat from the mountain farms, PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) feta cheese from Kalavryta, legumes from Feneo, rose sugar produced by the monks of the Taxiarches Monastery from their privately owned rose gardens, local dishes such as the asproyiachni, the bourgeto, the vergadi with string beans and fish savoro, and cod with currants.

Oinoxeneia: the culture of wine

Inspired by Angelos Rouvalis and with the involvement of all the wine producers of the region, Oinoxeneia is an institution that celebrates wine and the nature of the locality, highlighting hospitality, culture and gastronomy.

At Aigio, Akrata and Kalavryta, on the beaches around the Corinthian Gulf, at Lake Tsivlou and in the small unknown hamlets high on the mountainsides, the Oinoxeneia begins after the 15th of August and lasts for two weeks, hosting music, theatre, dance, photography, visits to wineries, but also hiking, horseback riding and cycling trips among the vines, treasure hunts and winemaking for children, as well as food & wine pairing with the wine producers themselves acting as guides to selected local restaurants.

With the bouquets of grapes and the grape harvest, the mountain and the sea, Oinoxeneia offer unique experiences to those who want to get to know Aigialeia, its nature, wines, history and culture.

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