General Terms And Conditions

1. Introduction

On the website, selected products and services of the OINOFOROS S.A. are available. The company is seated at Selinounta, Aigio, postal code 25100, Tax Identification Number 094321446, Tax office of Aigio, GEMI (General Electronic Commercial Registry) no. 36256516000, tel. +30 26910 29415, e-mail
The below-mentioned General Terms and Conditions regulate visits to our website, the use of the same and our e-shop, delivery policies and the possible return of products displayed on the website, the protection of personal data and the security of transactions. Before visiting the site and proceeding with any purchases, please read the conditions of use and confirm that you agree with them. Visiting our website, as well as making any purchases or contacting the company, means that you unconditionally accept our below-mentioned conditions of use, which govern transactions between us, in their entirety. In the event of disagreement or reservations regarding part or whole of the below-mentioned conditions you can send a relevant e-mail to before visiting the site or proceeding with any transactions. Otherwise, any action by your side regarding this website, including visiting it, will be deemed an unqualified acceptance of the conditions by you.
The company retains the right to unilaterally modify the terms and conditions whenever it chooses, without prior notice, at its discretion. At the same time, it undertakes the obligation to update the present website promptly with regard to any modification or updating of conditions, while the continued use of the website will be taken as an acceptance of the new conditions. Furthermore, the company retains the right to cancel, postpone or terminate the operation of the website without explanation or prior notice to the user.

2. Conditions of use

The use of the website is solely for lawful purposes and the visitor is obliged to refrain from unlawful actions and misuse, as well as adopting illegal practices and actions of unfair competition. The visitor is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, proper ethics and the present terms and must not indulge in acts or malpractices which might harm or jeopardize the company and/or its website users. Those who have the right to use the website are individuals over 18 years of age or the age set out in the law for the legal consumption of alcohol in their country of residence. In the event of unlawful use of the website by individuals under the permitted age limit, the company bears no responsibility, as it expressly prohibits the users who do not fulfil the age requirements to enter the site. In the event of individuals under the permitted age limit using the site, the liability shall be exclusively borne by themselves and their guardians.
With the aim of informing people about the imprudent consumption of alcoholic drinks and the protection of consumers and especially vulnerable social groups, such as young people, from the unwise use of alcohol, the company strictly complies with the “Self-commitment principles regarding the Advertising of Alcoholic Drinks and Advising Consumers” plan, which has been signed between the Association of Alcoholic Drinks Businesses, the Ministry of Health and the Interparty Parliamentary Committee for the Study and Combatting Drug Abuse. More information is contained in the website

3. Intellectual Property Rights

All the contents of the website -photographs and product descriptions, brand labels, trademarks, logos, articles, graphics, images, texts, designs, trade and financial data, layout, etc.- constitute intellectual property of the company and are protected by the applicable national, European and international law and international contracts and conditions. Any reference to products or services of third parties that bear the trademark of the said companies, associates, bodies, etc. constitutes their own intellectual property. Any use of the contents or other action for any reason, without the prior written consent of the company is strictly forbidden.
The contents of the website are available to the visitor exclusively for their personal use and any further use for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.
The user accepts and recognizes that the company can make use of the entirety of the data displayed on the website for commercial purposes, as well as the right to modify the said data whenever it chooses with or without prior notice or approval of the users of the website

4. Personal Data Protection

Our company is totally committed to protecting the personal data of visitors to the site and its customers. We do not disclose information and personal data to third parties unless it is absolutely necessary in order to provide a service, such as the delivery of a product or with your consent or in the event of our being obliged by law to do so, e.g. a subpoena, legal decision, etc. The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor to the site are carried out in accordance with European Union (EU) and Greek law relating to the protection of data.

The personal data collected and processed are always related to and necessary for the fulfilment of our obligations to you and the execution of the purchase and sale of products through our website.

Specifically, the data we collect are:
• The name, surname and address for the invoicing and dispatch of the product.
• Details regarding payment.
• A telephone number as a means of communicating with you regarding your order.
• E-mail address, to keep you informed about your order.

By visiting our site or registering with it as a member or the purchase of any product through our e-shop or subscribing to our newsletter, you declare that you accept and agree to the present policy regarding personal data and give your full consent to the collection and processing of your data as mentioned above.

In the event of your purchasing a product from our e-shop, you give your consent in order for us to:
a) Send you, by e-mail to the address you have stated, notices that are essential for the proper execution of your order.
b) Send newsletters about products and/or services available through our website. You can withdraw this consent whenever you choose by contacting our company through ‘Communicate with us’.

Our company does not store data and credit card details, which are managed with the security and exclusive responsibility of the payment service provider through the site where the payment is processed and executed. The same applies for agreed payments, used by online payment providers, such as PayPal.
The length of time data remain stored is regulated by the provisions of the legal framework currently in force, thus, the personal data are stored for as long as the legal provisions allow.
When the process is carried out through contract, the personal data are stored for as long as is needed for the contract to be enforced and the establishment, exercise, and/or support of legal claims relating to this contract.
In order to promote our products and services, your personal data are retained until your consent is withdrawn, which can be done at any moment. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the process based on the consent during the time preceding its withdrawal.
Your account details are kept for as long as you retain your account and you have not requested its deletion. Your data, which you have given us to provide a service, are kept for as long as they are required for carrying out that service. The website is committed to acting always in accordance with the current legal system, to safeguarding the personal nature of the data of registered members and not disclosing these data to third parties, whether physical persons or legal entities. The only exceptions are competent authorities, prosecuting or other administrative services, according to the laws in force within the current legal system, as well as associate third parties (physical persons or legal entities) who by necessity contribute to the execution of your orders, such as financial organizations involved in the execution and completion of electronic payments through credit/debit cards, and transport companies that use the necessary data to store and transport the order. As long as you are registered on the website, you are entitled at any time to exercise those rights generated within the national legal system and the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Your personal data are kept by the company only as long as you are a registered user or as long as you use the website services. Some web pages of the website may require the use of session cookies, in order to make it easier for us to recognize you and for you to visit the platform.
As soon as you are deleted from our website as a user, the details you gave during registration are also deleted, as well as the session cookies installed on your PC. Only those data allowed by law are kept on file (e.g. for tax purposes). The website keeps files with your personal data exclusively for the purposes of completing a transaction and communicating with you. All personal data collected through the website are absolutely necessary for us to provide specific services and are conditional on receiving your full and unreserved consent, which is given when you send your personal data. The website does not guarantee the security of the data transferred online and does not accept responsibility for any -material or other- damage that the user may suffer as a result of their accessing the Internet.
If you have any query regarding the use of personal data you can contact the company through the For any grievances regarding the violation of personal data you can address the competent Authority in Greece, the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, details of which can be found on the website

5. Registration on the website

5.1. Entering personal data

The personal data you give on the website, either during registration or while making your order, must be correct and true. Any change to these must be entered so that they are constantly kept up to date. These data constitute the only way the company can communicate with you in order to expedite orders and other obligations on your behalf and you are responsible for providing correct data. In the event of an order being carried out incorrectly due to an erroneous entering of data by you or a failure to update data, the company cannot accept any responsibility toward you.

5.2. User registration

During the initial submission of an order to our company, you must register as a user of the website in order to facilitate any future purchases and so that we can provide the best possible service. On the special form that appears, fill in your name and surname, your e-mail address and personal security codes, Username and Password. In addition, after giving your consent, you are entitled to receive the Rouvalis Winery newsletter, to be informed about our new products and services.
Once you are registered, you will receive an automated message, in which you will be asked to confirm your registration electronically.

6. Product Purchases

6.1. Order

Ordering selected products and services is done through the website by selecting Wine Shop, which is open 24/7, throughout the year.
You can also order by phone by calling +30 26910 24915 (Monday to Friday 08.00 a.m. -16.00 p.m.) or by e-mail at You can visit the website freely and choose the products or services that are of interest to you. Then, you are transferred to the page with the description of the product/service and add them to the e-purchase Cart. If you wish to add further products/services to the cart, select the link Continue Purchases. Otherwise, proceed to checkout.
To pay for your orders, you are transferred to a secure, certified link, where you are asked to state dispatch details and how you wish to pay for your order.
If you wish to send the products to another recipient at a different address, in the folder Complete Order, fill in the payment details of your order and the address to which you wish the product to be sent. In addition, fill in the name of the sender, the name of the recipient and optionally a message to the recipient. In this case, the address of the recipient is different from the address to which the invoice will be sent.
Orders for abroad are not accepted. Contact us at +30 26910 29415 or by e-mail at, so that we can inform you where the products can be purchased outside Greece.

6.2. Payment

Ways of paying for your order:

• By credit/debit card
Assuming that you have a credit/debit Master or Visa card, by filling in the details of the card (CVC/CVV, name, etc.), you can pay the full sum of your order with absolute safety.

• By bank transfer
You can transfer the amount of your order, which includes the cost of dispatch, into one of the two (2) company accounts, within five (5) days after submission of the order, otherwise it will be considered cancelled.

The bank accounts are as follows:

NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE IBAN: GR57 0110 3040 0000 3044 7009 538
EUROBANK IBAN: GR92 0260 1520 0006 1020 0819 083

The money that will appear in one of the above accounts must be the exact amount that is shown at the end of the order. You can either write your name where it says reason for deposit on the bank transfer, or send the deposit receipt to the e-address, noting the name of the person in whose name the order was made. The order is prepared for dispatch as soon as the money appears in one of the company’s accounts.

• Through PayPal
PayPal is an online payment service, through which you can transfer money easily, quickly and safely. The PayPal account functions as an online bank account. Once you have completed payment, the money automatically appears in the company’s PayPal account, allowing the order to be executed.
If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create one for free by following the steps described in the PayPal web page.

6.3. Order confirmation

Once the order has been submitted, you will receive confirmation through your e-mail.

6.4. Order dispatch

Orders are dispatched by the courier company TNT. For orders over €200,00 shipping is free. Delivery of orders overland usually takes 5 days. To island destinations or not easily accessible regions, it is likely to take longer.

6.5. Quality guarantee

Products sold through our website have been carefully checked and are in perfect condition. Furthermore, the products are stored and preserved with strict adherence to accepted protocols. In order to ensure that the products reach the consumer in perfect condition, the dispatch may be postponed following the approval of the customer, in cases where weather conditions are unsuitable for the shipping of wines (heatwave or ice).

6.6. Return of products

In the event of your receiving a product or quantity other than that stated in the order, you can return it to be checked and the mistake to be verified, attaching all necessary documents, e.g. receipt of purchase. As long as you adhere to the proposed method of returning the products, the company will verify the mistake and the cost of returning and forwarding the product to the customer will be borne by the company.
If any product is considered to be defective by the customer, it can be returned to the company, at the latest within seven days of receipt, so that the defect can be checked and verified. All necessary documents must be attached, e.g. receipt of purchase. Once the defect has been verified, the product is replaced. In the event that the product cannot be replaced by the company, the transaction is cancelled and the money returned to the customer in the same way the money was initially paid to the company. The cost of returning the product is borne by the company, such as the cost of dispatching the replaced product.
In the event of the products being returned in a damaged or deficient state, the company has the right not to replace them and/or return payment.

6.7. Right of Withdrawal

If you are a physical person (consumer) and your purchase is destined exclusively for personal use, you have the right to withdraw from the purchase and return the product, by your own means and at your expense, without stating the reason, within a period of 14 calendar days after delivery of the product to you. The right to cancel an order is possible, as long as the product is in its initial state and packaging, which must not be damaged or deficient or worn, and as long as your declaration takes place before a lapse of 14 days after delivery of the product to you.
In the event of the product losing its value due to poor handling, which may not be obvious from a preemptory examination of the product, you will have to compensate for the loss of its value, which will be subtracted from the price, about which you will be informed, before the credit process and return of money is completed.

6.7.1. Checking and return of money

As long as the product is dispatched to us within the stated time, and has been checked and verified to be in good condition according to the above, we will return the money you have paid for the product in full, in the same way you paid for it, as long as the necessary bank actions are complete, at the latest within 14 days after the day you sent the declaration of withdrawal to us.

6.7.2. Exceptions from the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal does not stand in cases specified by law, such as e.g. products that have been manufactured for you according to your specifications or are clearly customized (special label), products that are not suitable for return for reasons of health or hygiene, as they have been unsealed or an attempt to unseal them or other intervention has taken place or for products that might deteriorate or are about to expire.

7. Liability limitation

The company has the right to interrupt, alter or postpone the operation of the website in part or whole, permanently or temporarily, whenever it chooses and without prior notice to the user. Furthermore, the company can freely select the products and services promoted on the website, as well as its pricing policy, offers or price reductions that it applies, without prior warning to the user. Also, it can suspend the user access codes of services on the website, whenever it deems that the current terms of use of the website are being violated.
Within the framework of technological inspection, the company and its associates make every possible endeavor to ensure that the contents, the services and the transaction of the website are carried out unhindered and a high level of security is maintained. If, for any reason the operation of the website or access to it, becomes difficult or impossible, the company will not bear any responsibility. In addition, the company takes all possible measures to ensure the safe use of the site. If, despite the measures taken, viruses or other harmful logistics are detected and are transferred to the terminals of the user/visitor, the company does not accept any responsibility.

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