the People

Since antiquity, the vine has never ceased to be grown in Aigialeia. The cultivation of the Corinthian currant, which dominated in the past, required vinicultural techniques of high quality and consequently low yields. Assimilating these traditional techniques, our ‘heroic’ wine-growers cultivate the mountainous terrain with diligence and dedication. It takes many skilled and energetic hands to carry out the viticultural jobs of pruning, thinning out the shoots, topping, removing the leaves, harvesting the green grapes and taking in the main harvest. It takes a good deal of care and hard work to do all the above for each climate separately, and without the help of machines, whose use is ruled out by the steep inclines.

However, in our vineyards, manual care goes hand in hand with modern science and the most pioneering vinicultural and winemaking techniques. For us, quality is a prerequisite at every stage of our work, in the vineyard, the gravity-flow winery, in our constant growth as winemakers and the enthusiasm we bring to our daily tasks. With respect for nature and man, with a determination to make the most of the special terroir of Aigialeia and the benign winemaking interventions, we aim to produce wines that express our philosophy, love and knowledge of wine.

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