The term ‘viticulture héroïque’ (heroic viticulture) has been adopted worldwide by those in the wine industry to describe cultivation that has to respond to difficult production conditions, demanding high cost, hard manual labour and special techniques.

Mountainous vineyards on an incline greater than 30%, an altitude over 500 m., small scattered parcels of land planted on terraces comprise, according to the international Centre for the Research, Study and Enhancement of Mountainous Viticulture (CERVIM), the main accreditation criteria for viticulture as ‘heroic’.

With an average incline of 35%, the average altitude at 862 m., the vineyards planted on terraces in poor, stony soil, conditions that hinder easy access and the use of machinery that necessitates small productions, mountainous Aigialeia meets all the specifications of ‘heroic viticulture’ and is an ideal place to accommodate it.

The mountainous relief of Aigialeia and the ‘heroic’ labour entailed has its glorious rewards: authentic wines with intense bouquets and a rich body, the prized produce of this exciting terroir.

The Rouvalis Winery is the first in Greece to be accepted as a member of CERVIM.

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