Our History

On the slopes of Aigialeia, Oenoforos wine manufacturing is established. Angelos Rouvalis envisages an innovative, superior winemaking plant – and within a short time it becomes a reality.
A pioneer of his time, Angelos succeeds in orchestrating the development of viticulture in Aigialeia, actively participating in the re-birth of quality Greek wine. This dynamic, in compliance with the development of modern Enology as well as the consumer demand for refined, flavoursome experiences, led to the creation of new authentic products.

Asprolithi becomes available for the first time and very quickly gains a place in the market, defining a new era for Greek wine. Arousing the interest of connoisseurs of international repute and receiving significant distinctions over time, Asprolithi becomes recognized as the best expression of mountainous Roditis. “Perhaps the epitome of Greek wine”, according to Master of Wine Konstantinos Lazarakis.

The model gravity-flow winery begins operation. Built on rock, at 6 different levels, the winery harnesses the natural flow of gravity in the production of wine. The agriculturalist Giannis Karabatsos makes a decisive contribution to the founding of the winery as well as to the creation of the experimental vineyard.

Greek Wine Cellars, the largest Greek wine production and trading company, the life’s work of Vassilis Kourtakis, honorary President of the CEEV, participates in Oenoforos and takes on the job of making its products available on the market.

Theodora Rouvali, an enologist with a post-graduate degree in Viticulture and international experience in the field, takes over the running of the winery. By her side is her Spanish partner, Antonio Ruiz Pañego, who is also an acclaimed enologist.
A wind of creative change begins to blow in the company, propelling it to achieve enhanced quality in its vine, winery and internal and world markets. Emphasis is placed on organic cultivation, precision viticulture and perfecting the gravity-flow operation of the winery. Inventively combining tradition, modern technology and worldwide experience with dedication and knowledge, Theodora and Antonio make the most of the exciting Aigialeia terroir.

Aware of the potential of a small, pioneering high-quality winery, Dimitris Kourtakis plays a dynamic role in the new era: in collaboration with Theodora and Antonio, he designs a new range of wines and re-creates the winery’s image, so as to represent and highlight its unique temperament.

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